Wedding Photography & Videography Services


Why should we book with you?

Three reasons: Experience, skill, and customer service. Not all photographers have the experience, skill, and equipment to take extraordinary photographs. We do. 

When you choose Studio One photography, your wedding or event is handled with personal care. In face, to ensure that your needs are our only focus, your wedding will be the only event that we book for that day. 

What is your service area?

While our “local” service area includes Metro Detroit and surrounding counties, Studio One photography offers wedding photography services worldwide. Hasan, our photographer, is available to travel to any destination. Contact us for more information.


Are you insured?

Yes. All reputable wedding photographers are, and most hotels and venues will not work with vendors that do not have adequate insurance. 


How many photographers do I need for my wedding?
Once we learn about the details of your event during your pre-wedding consultation, we’ll be happy to discuss the best options for your unique situation, so too ensure that a wide selection of posed and candid images are captured at your event

What are the benefits of getting both photos and video?
Photography and video are two different elements that each provide their own set of unique results. For example, video captures the sound and motion of the ceremony, heartfelt speeches and first dance in a way that photography cannot. We believe that both are important. Couples often regret not getting video; unfortunately, you cannot turn the back the clock.


Do you offer live streaming video services?
Yes. We can set up one to four cameras at your event, and transmit the video live worldwide for the benefit of your friends and family who are not able to be with you on your wedding day.


What are “wedding romantics”?
These are romantic photos taken of the bride and groom. A “wedding romantics” photography session is often done the day after the wedding day, when there are no time pressures and the bride and groom are more relaxed. Wedding romantics photos can be taken at the wedding venue or elsewhere, such as at the beach or a park.

How much input do we have on our final products?
You will have the option of choosing your own photos for your wedding album, ensuring that your album includes your favorite images and images of all the people who are most important in your life.
Of course, if you would like assistance with this task, we would be happy to provide our professional input regarding which photos came out best. Either way, we will send a layout of the album to you via email for your review and approval before the files are sent to the lab.

Do you shoot in High Definition (HD)?
Yes, we shoot in High Definition and we deliver video in Blu-Ray instead of DVD.


What services do you offer to enhance overall video production?
Studio One Photography uses professional grade tools to production professional quality results. For example, we may use a crane to shoot from a unique angle or a drone. Click on the “Cinematography” button to see samples.


What is the full process after the wedding?
§  You will receive discs with all of the photos taken at the wedding.
§  After you let us know which photos you like best, we will begin to design your photo album.
§  We will edit your video.
§  Once the layout of the album and editing of video is complete we will send them to you for your final review.
§  After you are completely satisfied with our work, we will send the photos and video to our lab for finalization of the photo album, prints, and master Blu-Ray.


What is the typical turnaround time?

Much depends on how much time you wish to spend reviewing the discs with all of the photos and raw video footage. There are often so many extraordinary images that couples find it difficult to choose! Once we receive your notes regarding your preferences, it takes about four to six weeks to have the photo layout ready. Video editing takes slightly longer.
Studio One Photography will always listen to your needs and ideas. Every photo album and video that leaves our studio is custom made to a couple’s preference. Your album will be filled with images you love. These will be the images that are most meaningful to you – not necessarily the images that your photographer prefers from an “artistic” standpoint.


Do you offer online photo viewing for our family and friends?
Yes, and you have complete control over which images are uploaded to our site. No need to worry that an image that you dislike will end up in a frame on your grandmother’s wall!
Once the images are uploading you can direct your friends and family to the site, where they can view the images and, if they want, purchase high-resolution downloadable files of the ones they like best.


Do you offer a coaching session?
Many people feel nervous and self-conscious in front of the camera. We will brief you on invaluable techniques regarding how to pose, how to smile naturally “on cue,” and more. As a result, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident on your wedding day, and be able to look your best in your wedding photos and video.
When is the best time to book your wedding photography services?
Most couples book our services as soon as they book the ceremony and reception sites. To ensure that your wedding is our only focus, Studio One Photography will only book one wedding per day. Booking is done on a “first come first served” basis.
Contact us at (313) 721-6100 to secure your date. Because we hold our available resources for your booked date and time, deposits are not refundable. 


Do you have experience with cultural-specific weddings?
Yes. We have shot a variety of weddings and we strive to honor and respect all of the traditions and values you hold dear. Your plans for a cultural-specific wedding will be discussed at your pre-wedding consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions